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Hathaway Scholarships

Qualifying & Eligibility



To be eligible for a Hathaway Scholarship, you must complete all the required classes in high school or home school, or achieve a minimum required GED/HiSET/TASC (High School Equivalency Certificate Test) score. 

Estimate your Hathaway award here:
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Maintaining Eligibility

 To remain eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship in subsequent enrollment years, a student must:

  • Satisfactorily complete twelve credit hours if paid Hathaway at a full-time status, six credit hours if paid at part-time
  • Maintain Hathaway GPA of 2.5 for Honor and Performance, 2.25 for Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity (GPA calculations for Hathaway maybe different than institutional GPA calculations)
  • If the student was awarded at the Honor and Performance level have at least a 2.25 GPA they can be awarded at the Opportunity level until the 2.5 GPA is re-established
  • Remedial courses do not count toward eligible credit hours for full-time or part-time status for  calculation of cumulative Hathaway GPA for continued eligibility (only college level courses numbered 1000 and above count towards Hathaway GPA and credit hours earned)
  • Courses taken before the initiation of Hathaway do not count towards Hathaway GPA 
  • Recipients must maintain continuous enrollment (exceptions granted for military or religious service)
  • Always check with the Hathaway Technician before dropping or withdrawing from classes
  • Students may petition or appeal to have their Hathaway Scholarship reinstated if they did not meet maintenance requirements due to extenuating circumstances, generally beyond the students control. Please contact the Hathaway Scholarship Technician for the appeal forms or print it off from NWC's Financial Aid forms web page.
  • Hathaway students in select majors,degrees, or programs may qualify to extend their eligibility or use of the Hathaway Scholarship longer than four full-time semesters at NWC. Click here to see the Hathaway Extension Policy.

Regaining Eligibility

If you lost your Hathaway Scholarship eligibility, you can take steps to regain eligibility.


Review the specific qualifications for each award level.

Students at any Hathaway Scholarship award level can choose to start their education at a community college or the University of Wyoming, except for those with the Provisional Opportunity Award. This level of the Hathaway Scholarship must first be used a community college to obtain a certificate or degree with a minimum 2.25 GPA. After meeting this requirement, Provisional Opportunity Award students can transfer to the University of Wyoming or attend a Wyoming community college to get an additional degree, to use the remaining semesters of their scholarship.


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