Tutoring Services

Peer Tutoring

Free Tutoring is available for currently enrolled NWC students.

Peer Tutoring offers assistance in Business, History, Math, Science, and Writing. Need help navigating Moodle? All of our tutors are successful students with experience in online learning!

We are located on the second floor of the Hinckley Library.

Peer Tutoring Drop-in Schedule:

Peer Tutoring is closed for the summer. NetTutor is available 24-7 (free to NWC students).

Become a Tutor

There are many benefits associated with becoming a tutor at Northwest College.


  • Earn $11.00 per hour
  • Flexible schedule
  • Subject reinforcement
  • Resume builder
  • New friendships


  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at Northwest College
  • "A" (or instructor's approval) in the subject you wish to tutor
  • Recommendation from the course instructor/department head
  • Participate in tutor training (you will be paid for attending)

Required Qualifications:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Ability to work with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • Ability to work with multiple students at a time
  • Interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with students, supervisors, and faculty
  • Ability to work with students of various ability levels while maintaining patience, consideration, and respect

Preference may be given to tutors with the following additional qualifications:

  • Ability to tutor multiple courses
  • Availability

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out a tutor application (available at the Tutor Center).
  2. Obtain the instructor's signature as a recommendation for each course you would like to tutor.
  3. Schedule an appointment for an interview with the Tutoring Coordinator.

Presentation Skills Lab

Location: YB208
Hours: Closed for Summer

The Presentation Skills Lab is open to any student, faculty, or staff member who wants help preparing for a presentation. Assistance is offered in topic selection, organization, visual/digital aid creation, and outline writing.

We will also listen to practice speeches and offer feedback on how to improve the physical delivery of presentations. With advanced scheduling, presentations can also be recorded for self-evaluation.



Online, personalized learning assistance in many subjects including math, history, criminology, accounting, economics, writing, psychology, business, science, and more. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

NetTutor Help

Watch a video on how to use NetTutor

Our Mission

The Peer Tutoring Center strives to be a dynamic and supportive learning environment by providing free quality peer tutoring services for students' individual learning. We aim to foster personal responsibility while helping students achieve their learning potential in a collaborative learning environment.


Jen Schneider
Tutoring Coordinator