Northwest College

International Student

Applying to Northwest College is easy. No English proficiency tests required! Once we receive all required documents your application will be reviewed and you will typically be notified of an admissions decision within 5 business days! 

Please upload documents to your application portal or send to:
International Admissions
231 West 6th St.
Powell, WY 82435

Applications are accepted year-round. 

Program start dates are mid-August and mid-January.

No Application Fee! 

Step 1: Online Application

Submit the online application.

Step 2: Passport

Send a copy of your valid passport ID page and any current U.S. visas. 

Step 3: Transcripts and Proof of High School Completion

  • Submit official certified secondary school (high school) transcripts showing all courses and grades. 
  • Submit official certified secondary school (high school) diploma or certificate of completion. 
  • For transcripts and diplomas not issued in English, please send a certified English translation.
  • Official transcript evaluation may also be required. Please contact us for more information.

Step 4: Financial Documentation

Please have your financial sponsor download and complete the NWC Affidavit of Financial Support. The sponsor's official and original bank statement or bank letter must accompany this form. The bank documents must include the sponsor's name and must show the amount of funds available, which are sufficient to cover the estimated cost of attendance for one year. Only financial documents not more than 6 months old will be accepted.

Similar financial information will be required by the U.S. Consular Office during the visa application process.  

Note: Government sponsored students must provide the official government scholarship letter. 

Step 5: MMR Immunization Form

You must provide information regarding immunity to Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR). Download and complete the MMR Immunization form. 

Step 6: Transfer Students Only!

Students transferring from within the U.S. must submit official transcripts from all U.S. high schools, colleges and/or universities attended.


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