Northwest College

Clubs & Organizations

What's the best way to meet people, make friends, have fun and stretch your world? Join a club or organization. To find out more about the following groups, contact the Student Activities Office (754-6205).

If you don't see any here that interest you, tell the Student Activities Office, and they'll help you get a new one started.

Active Clubs

Inactive Clubs

The following clubs can be activated again if you express an interest. Just give the Student Activities Office a call at 754-6205.

  • Anime Club
  • Ashley Hall Council
  • Cody Hall Council
  • Colter Hall Council
  • Cultural Awareness Club
  • Diversity Focus Group-Unity Through Diversity
  • Lambda Alliance
  • Lewis and Clark Hall Council
  • Literary Club
  • Masquerades (Drama Club)
  • Rugby
  • Sexual Health & Responsibility Education (SHARE)
  • Sexual Health and Responsibility
  • Sources of Strength
  • Student Media
  • Student Photographers' Association
  • Student Wyoming Education Association
  • Trapper ACES
  • Veterans Club


Chris Dugger
Residence Life Coordinator