Northwest College

Vision 2025



In November 2019 the college held several internal and external Strategic Visioning Listening Sessions, including one in Meeteetse, one in Cody, two in Powell, two with NWC employees and one with NWC students. 743 qualitative data points were gathered during the sessions and turned over to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) for use in an Interactive Qualitative Analysis (IQA) method to analyze the raw data and group them into clusters of common themes, or affinity groups. IEC then completed an analysis to finalize affinity groups and subcategories to be used in the next steps of the visioning work.

Listed in order of the magnitude of their presence in the internal and external feedback (related sub-themes listed in alphabetical order), those groups and subcategories were as follows:

  1. Educational Programming
    Access to Programming, CTE/Workforce Programming, General Programming
  2. Recruiting and Marketing
    Branding, Marketing, Recruiting
  3. Facilities
    Educational Facilities, Maintenance, Student Housing
  4. Student Retention and Success
    Academic Support, Student Activities, Student Services

In consultation with the 2019 Summer Leadership Institute (SLI19) class to further refine these affinity groups and subcategories into a meaningful theme, the above graphic was developed by the Communications & Marketing team in summer 2020 and approved by the NWC Board of Trustees on August 10, 2020.

Key performance indicators are in development and will be added to this page soon.