Northwest College

What We're Saying

When Northwest College employees were asked to share their thoughts for the Climate Survey for Community Colleges and Great Colleges to Work For survey submission, here is what they shared:

We love our institution

I find the services they offer to students and employees very good. I like how they have everyone’s voice heard. Doesn’t matter the level of education they have, having everyone involved is important. The support the school overall has is great. People really care here, and form bonds that can last a lifetime.

NWC offers excellent benefits, which are very valuable to me in considering staying in my job. I have confidence in many of our employees at all levels, including senior leadership. Our current senior leaders have the students’ and employees’ best in mind, even when they have to make difficult decisions. I feel safe and appreciated at work. I enjoy working with people across the college. I am proud to work at NWC and plan to continue working here for the rest of my career.

Students are put first.  I also enjoy working with my colleagues. As a staff member, my experience has been that I am supported in my work. Administration tries to be transparent and we have the opportunity to have input in the decision-making process. We also have excellent benefits.

The College is full of amazing employees who are committed to instruction, student success and a well run college. We have a strong Foundation. There is strategic planning and efforts to transform the College being developed which is forward looking. The College is working on building relationships with schools, businesses and the communities at large. The student are generally committed to their schooling and succeed at the College. They receive support as needed but generally show strong support and happiness with their experience at Northwest College. The College continues to improve its facilities and its efforts to increase enrollment and engage is an effective marketing effort. The College has done an incredible job of dealing with the pandemic and keeping the College open and operating. There have been no layoffs as a result of the pandemic and enrollment levels have barely declined relative to other Colleges and nationwide.

We have an excellent leadership team, both at the Site Administrative level and our Division Chairs.  They have been very proactive in the areas of fiscal management and have done an AMAZING job despite the continued state level budget cutbacks.  The college has been able to continue to provide an excellent student experience in the face of a lot of adversity the past few years.  All to a lot of hard work by the leadership team, the dedicated faculty/staff, and the local Powell Community!

As an institution, we care for our students and look for ways to make them grow.  We do the same for our employees.  We seek out input, even though the idea may not be immediately operationalized, the thoughts continue to be discussed in future meetings.