Northwest College

What We're Saying

When Northwest College employees were asked to share their thoughts for the Climate Survey for Community Colleges and Great Colleges to Work For survey submission, here is what they shared:

Northwest employees, regardless of position, feel appreciated and valued

Appreciation for employees — expressed through awards, parties, verbal kudos and other ways — was mentioned frequently in respondents’ answers. One person said it this way: “More often than not, the sense that we matter and our voice counts; that we truly want shared governance…” Another credited the campus culture, saying, “First name familiarity is a great equalizer;” and a relatively new employee added this insight: “I really appreciate the fact there isn’t ridiculous salary inflation at NWC and there isn’t an imbalance in the number of administrators and faculty/staff. Upper administration are paid fairly and appropriately and the salary of faculty and staff seems to be fair and appropriate as well …This caused a lot of tension at my previous institution and it's been a breath of fresh air being here.”
This sense of being valued also comes through in expressions of appreciation for “autonomy and flexibility to do my job,” “a supervisor who supports me,” “the academic freedom granted faculty,” “a supervisor who appreciates my work (and tells me!),” “Freedom, support, and flexibility from my Vice President to run my department to best support students AND my teammates and to enhance College performance. Trust in my judgment is valued;” and finally: “I am thankful for the opportunity to teach in the way I know and see fit and for being respected for what I do.”
NWC’s president is building a reputation as a “leader who listens so well, asks for input, and interacts with all.” One employee said, “Our President is not afraid of faculty, questions, and challenges. She is open and addresses big and small issues. She thanks and acknowledges employees for a variety of things. She doesn't make big changes or ‘bully’ anyone into changing without thoughtful consideration and input from all concerned.”