Northwest College

What We're Saying

When Northwest College employees were asked to share their thoughts for the Climate Survey for Community Colleges and Great Colleges to Work For survey submission, here is what they shared:

A robust synergy of campus and community creates meaningful opportunities

Northwest College is located in a small town (about 6,000 people) in the remote northern reaches of Wyoming. Providing a comprehensive college experience takes commitment by the college and greater community, an arrangement benefiting both students and townsfolk. Each of NWC’s international students enjoys the benefits of a friendship family living in the community, while the multicultural programming put on by those same students is considered a community treasure. College faculty and staff are the experts called upon to provide programming and support for many local groups and civic initiatives. College field studies trips abroad are possible because of increased enrollment provided by community members. The college’s music, art and theatrical guests/productions create an oasis of cultural opportunities found in few Wyoming towns. This symbiotic relationship is the basis for employee responses pointing to NWC’s “vibrant campus” and “numerous club activities” as reasons why “The campus and employees are well-respected in the communities.” Also mentioned were abundant financial resources for students and a mountain field station available to employees and area residents.

The college’s small size and open enrollment policy add to this dynamic, with several employees citing the “first-name basis” the campus operates under, and its “collegial atmosphere” where “Formal salutations are not required or expected.” One employee said he appreciates the “informality between instructors, administrators and students—we call each other by first names and we know each other …” Another mentioned “Colleagues who care about each other,” and another: “Meaningful Interactions with students due to small classes and a small campus.”