Northwest College

Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities Division

In alphabetical order by last name
Photo of Milo Asay

Asay, Milo

Assistant Professor of ESL

Phone: 307-754-6428
Location: Orendorff Building
Office: ORB 108C
Photo of Jennifer Dare

Dare, Jennifer

Associate Professor of English

Phone: 307-754-6432
Location: Orendorff Building
Office: ORB108B
Photo of Elaine DeBuhr

DeBuhr, Elaine

Associate Professor of Art; Chairperson of Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts Division

Phone: 307-754-6128
Location: Cabre Building
Office: CB203
Photo of Renee Dechert

Dechert, Renee

Professor of English

Phone: 307-754-6433
Location: Science & Math Building
Office: SM126
Photo of Eric Hagmann

Hagmann, Eric

Fixed Term Instructor of Vocal Music

Phone: 307-754-6475
Location: Nelson Performing Arts
Office: NPA18
Photo of Calli Nissen

Nissen, Calli

Fixed Term Instructor of Art

Phone: 307-754-6212
Location: Cabre Building
Office: CB204
Photo of Zach Paris

Paris, Zach

Associate Professor of Music, Director of Bands/Instrumental Music

Phone: 307-754-6427
Location: Nelson Performing Arts
Office: NPA18
Photo of Kara Peterson

Peterson, Kara

Senior Office Assistant, Visual & Performing Arts & Humanities

Phone: 307-754-6425
Location: Nelson Performing Arts
Office: NPA
Photo of Robert Rumbolz

Rumbolz, Robert

Associate Professor of Music

Phone: 307-754-6426
Location: Nelson Performing Arts
Office: NPA19
Photo of Jeff Troxel

Troxel, Jeff

Fixed Term Instructor of Music

Phone: 307-754-6199
Location: Nelson Performing Arts
Office: NPA9
Photo of Morgan Tyree

Tyree, Morgan

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Phone: 307-754-6498
Location: Cabre Building
Office: CB202