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Northwest College Emeriti

Name Title Education
Barkan, David Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Mathematics

Bowling Green State University, BS 1973, MS 1982

Beyer, K. Keith Professor Emeritus of English

Professor Emeritus of English
University of Northern Iowa, BA 1958, MA 1968

Bieke, Kathleen Professor Emerita of English

University of Detroit, BA 1972, MA 1976
Wayne State University, PhD 1985

Bloom-Wilson, Harriet Professor Emerita of French

State University of New York at Cortland, BA 1968
University of New Mexico, MA 1975;
Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland
Fulbright Lecturer, Universite de Dijon, France

Bradley, Burt* Professor Emeritus of English

California State University, Chico, BA 1980
Stony Brook University, PhD 1986

Campbell, John Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Albion College, BA 1971
San Francisco State University, MA 1977
University of Alberta, PhD 1983

Childs, Allan Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Mathematics

Iowa State University, BS 1970
Kansas State University, MS 1973, PhD 1980

Christensen, Stanley Professor Emeritus of Agriculture

University of Wyoming, BS 1961, MEd 1964, EdD 1976

Coughenour, Arthur* Professor Emeritus of Business

Grove City College, BS 1958
Montana State University, MS 1971

DeWitt, John* Emeritus Administrator

South Dakota State University, BS 1950, MEd 1958

Enger, John Professor Emeritus of Physics and Mathematics

Concordia College, BA 1959
Temple University, MSEd 1963

Feyhl, Scott Professor Emeritus of Health, Outdoor and Physical Education

University of Wyoming, BS 1972, MS 1978

Fish, Virginia Professor Emerita of Speech Communication

Eastern Montana College, BS 1974; MS 1993

Fish, Duane Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication

Eastern Montana College, BS 1975
Wichita State University, MA 1976
University of Utah, PhD 1994

Fisher, Donald* Professor Emeritus of Engineering

University of Wyoming, BS 1959, MS 1968
Registered Professional Engineer, Wyoming

Fries, Arthur* Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

McPherson College, BS 1948
University of Northern Colorado, MA 1952

Giarrizzo, John Professor Emeritus of Art

Kenyon College, BA - Art 1977
University of Colorado, MFA - Creative Arts 1981

Hansen, Neil Professor Emeritus of Music

University of Northern Iowa, BA 1973
University of Wyoming, MA 1982

Harbron, Steve Professor emeritus of Biological Sciences

Western Michigan University, BS 1971; MA 1973; SpA 1977; MA 1977; PhD 1981

Hinckley, John T.* Professor Emeritus of Political Science

University of Wyoming, BA 1940, MA 1948

Hitchcock, Ron Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

State University of New York at Potsdam, BS 1979
Auburn University, MS 1982; PhD 1986

Ibarra-Robinson, Mary Ellen Professor Emerita of Spanish

University of Wyoming, BA 1976; MA 1978

Jordan, Roy* Professor Emeritus of History

University of Wyoming, BA 1962
Northern Arizona University, MA 1968

Kimble, Elise Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences

Augustana College, BA 1967
University of Nebraska, MS 1984
University of Colorado, PhD 2001

Koelling, Rob Professor Emeritus of English

Barton College, BA 1970
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MA 1972; PhD 1982

Koelling, Deborah Spangler* Professor Emerita of English

Macalester College, BA 1974
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MA 1975; PhD 1984

Kruse, Robert Professor Emeritus of Business

Miami University, BS 1972
Montana State University, MS 1974, EdD 1979, CMA 1988

Masterson, Michael Professor Emeritus of Music

Ball State University, BS 1972
Arizona State University, MM 1977
University of New Mexico, PhD 1990

Mickelson, A. Leonard * Professor Emeritus of Botany

Northern Arizona University, BS 1948
University of Wyoming, MS 1949

Muller, Allan Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Brigham Young University, BS 1960
University of Connecticut, MA 1962

Nelson, Douglas* Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Greek, Hebrew, and History

Abilene Christian College, BA 1965; MDiv 1968
University of California-Los Angeles, MA 1974; PhD 1981

Ohman, Marlys Professor Emerita of Nursing

University of Wyoming, BS 1985
Whitworth College, MSN 1990

Orendorff, Sinclair* Emeritus Administrator

Southwestern College, AB 1948
George Peabody College Vanderbilt, MA 1948
University of Wyoming, EdD 1967

Patrick, Charlotte Professor Emerita of Communication

University of Wyoming, BA 1965; MA 1969

Riley, James* Professor Emeritus of Communication

Washburn University, BA 1965
Texas Christian University, MFA 1970

Rochlitz, Kenneth Professor Emeritus of Physical Education / Men's Basketball Coach

University of Wyoming, BS 1964; MEd 1970

Satterlee, Craig Professor Emeritus of Photography

Montana State University, BS 1976
University of Iowa, MA 1982

Skinner, David Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

University of Wyoming, BS 1963, MS 1965

Smith, E. Jeannette Professor Emerita of Spanish

University of Colorado, BA 1945
Middlebury College, MA 1966

Smith, Steven B.* Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Physics

University of Wyoming, BS 1978, MS 1982

Stothart, Rob Professor Emeritus of English

Western Washington University, BA 1978
University of Washington-Seattle, MFA 1987

Sturmer, Gary Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Economics

College of Idaho, BA 1973
Idaho State University, DA 1979

Thulin, Steve Professor Emeritus of History

Old Dominion University, BA - History 1975; MA - History 1977

Wasden, Winifred* Professor Emerita of English

University of Wyoming, BA 1960, MA 1961

Watkins, Fred Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Fort Lewis College, BA 1969
University of Wyoming, MA 1971

Watne, Bruce Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Astronomy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS 1967
Montana State University, PhD 1978

White, Wallace Professor Emeritus of Drafting

Chadron State College, BS 1968
Northern Montana College, MS 1973

Wilson, Richard Professor Emeritus of English

Fairfield University, BA 1969; MA 1974
University of New Mexico, PhD 1979

Wolfe, Wally Professor Emeritus of Psychology

University of Wyoming, BA 1975
University of Alabama, MA 1976; PhD 1987

Wurzel, Mary Ann Professor Emeritus of Education

Chadron State College, BS 1969
University of Wyoming, MS 1973

Young, Floyd Professor Emeritus of Physical Education

University of Wyoming, BA 1964; MS 1970

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