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Name Title Office Phone
Amarasuriya, Deepthi Assistant Professor of Physics SM110 307-754-6454
Anderson, Jill Human Resources Director ORB106L 307-754-6401
Argento, Jo Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Arismendi, Adriana Visiting Instructor of Business FAB22B 307-754-6459
Asay, Diedre Finance Technician - Administrative Services ORB106 307-754-6403
Asay, Milo Assistant Professor of ESL ORB 108F 307-754-6428
Ashcraft, Sami Finance Technician ORB106C 307-754-6048
Atkinson, Eric C. Assistant Professor of Biology; Coordinator of Biological Sciences SM254 307-754-6018
Atkinson, Joe Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) 307-754-6045
Austin, David Assistant Professor of Psychology YB255 307-754-6132
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Name Title Office Phone
Barrus, Ty Student Success Programs Manager & Counselor ORB103A 307-754-6417
Becker, Bob Assistant Professor of Speech Communication; Chairperson for Agriculture, Business, Communications and Equine Division YB211 307-754-6118
Bell, Bobbie Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB126 307-754-6472
Berryman, Holly Communications Services Assistant ORB118B 307-754-6117
Bigham, Leslie Community Education Program Specialist WEST/CTD 307-754-6469
Blackmore, Lee Interim Residence & Campus Life Director DSC 222D 307-754-6067
Borders, Keli Administrative Secretary for Vice Presidents ORB 144/ORB 104 307-754-6409
Bowen, Brad Finance Director ORB106H 307-754-6404
Bowen, Karen Instructor of Nursing YB148 307-754-6479
Boyd, Franklin Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307-754-6045
Bruce, Dean Dean of Extended Campus & Workforce ORB126F 307-754-6123
Burns, Logan Assistant Professor of English ORB108H 307-754-6036
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Name Title Office Phone
Cannizzaro, Jennifer Senior Office Assistant for Student Success Programs ORB103 307-754-6135
Cates, Kayla Career & Transfer Associate-Project Succeed/TRiO FRS115 307-754-6290
Chenoweth, Colton Campus Security Assistant DSC 307-754-6067
Collins, Jay Men's Basketball Coach CB104 307-754-6413
Copeland, Lisa Computing Services Coordinator MB102D 307-754-6080
Corr, Kennedy Admissions Representative ORB100A 307-754-6017
Costigan, Jay R. Campus Security Assistant DSC 307-754-6067
Cragoe, Anna Division Secretary SM115 307-754-6460
Crawford, Billy Assistant Professor of Nursing YB158 307-754-6483
Crawford, Marneé Director of Nursing; Chairperson for Life and Health Science Division YB162 307-754-6474
Cross, Val Division Secretary YB238 307-754-6127
Cuddy, Michael Assistant Professor of Chemistry SM222 307-754-6233
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Name Title Office Phone
Dare, Jennifer Associate Professor of English ORB108B 307-754-6432
Dearcorn, Casey Computing Services Director MB104 307-754-6080
DeBock, Dacia Visiting Instructor of Nursing YB157 307-754-6035
DeBuhr, Elaine Associate Professor of Art; Chairperson of Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts Division CB203 307-754-6128
Dechert, Renee Professor of English SM126 307-754-6433
Dickerman, Beth Director of Dining Services DSC 307-754-6013
Dickerson, Jay Associate Professor of Biology SM255 307-754-6146
Dicks, Dustin Instructional Technology Coordinator MB110 307-754-6090
Dobbins, Carri Senior Office Assistant for Training and Development (Cody) CC 2030 307-754-6257 OR 307-587-3376
Dooley, Vern Associate Professor of Agriculture FAB60C 307-754-6234
Downey, Benjamin Executive Chef DSC 307-754-6217
Dugger, Chris Residence Life Coordinator L&C/DSC 307-754-6205
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Name Title Office Phone
Ebert, Fred Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB212 307-754-6047
Elton, Harold Associate Professor of Welding OLB108 307-754-6467
Elton, Lee Assistant Professor of Welding OLB109 307-754-6153
Enerva, Tony Instructor of Criminal Justice YB120 307-754-6185
Enriquez, Amanda Intercultural Program Manager ORB 111A 307-754-6424
Erickson, Brian Athletic Director CB104 307-754-6210
Erickson, Callee GEAR-UP Specialist ORB127 307-754-7823
Erickson, Dave Professor of Sociology; Chairperson of Social Science and Education Division YB233 307-754-6130
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Name Title Office Phone
Feyhl, Sandy Instructor of Education YB234 307-754-6155
Fletcher, Kim Disability Support Services Coordinator ORB103B 307-754-6227
Floyd, Raymond Visiting Instructor of Math and Engineering SM127 307-754-6011
Ford, Mary Facilities Supervisor - Custodial PP 307-754-6202
Frey, Davette LPN Outreach Program Coordinator YB150 307-754-6481
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Name Title Office Phone
Gambill, Brad Facilities Technician PP 307-754-6045
Garceau, Christine Associate Professor of Photography FAB18 307-754-6497
Gasaway, Tracy Payroll Specialist ORB106M 307-754-6107
Gatlin, Gage Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307-754-6045
Gilmore, Nancy Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB126 307-754-6147
Giraud, Gerald Vice President for Academic Affairs ORB126C 307-754-6235
Glatzer, Tim Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM111 307-754-6283
Gonzales, Alejandra Registrar and Registration Coordinator ORB102B 307-754-6435
Greaham, Christi Training & Development Program Specialist, Powell & Cody CTD 307-754-6062
Guccion, Lynn Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Animal Science FAB60D 307-754-6189
Gundlach, Michael Instructor of Mathematics SM126 307-754-6064
Gutierrez, Nichole Visiting Instructor of Nursing YB149 307-754-6478
Gwinn, Laura Interim Title IX Associate ORB119 307-754-6159
Gwynn, Diana Executive Secretary for the President and Board of Trustees ORB136 307-754-6058
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Name Title Office Phone
Hanan, Rachel Associate Professor of English ORB108K 307-754-6121
Hardy, Jason Facilities Assistant (Custodial) 307-754-6045
Harrison, Marianne Financial Aid Assistant ORB104 307-754-6106
Harsh, Lisa University of Wyoming Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist ORB132 307-754-6203
Haskell, Bart Instructor of Business FAB22A 307-754-6186
Havig, Dee Interim Vice President for Student Services DSC220/ORB104F 307-754-6102
Heimer, Jo Ann Business Office Manager ORB106J 307-754-6105
Heny, Jessica Visiting Instructor of Allied Health YB159 307-754-6494
Hernandez, West Enrollment Services Director ORB100C 307-754-6103
Hicswa, Stefani President ORB136 307-754-6200
Horton, Jason Assistant Professor of Agribusiness FAB60B 307-754-6461
Howe, Jeremiah Marketing/Graphic Design Specialist ORB123B 307-754-6407
Hronek, Beth Library Coordinator HL111 307-754-6238
Hunt, Jeannie Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB210 307-754-6422
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There is no one listed in the Faculty & Staff Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone
Jacobs, Cindy Foundation Technician ORB144 307-754-6096
Jacobs, Deb Senior Office Assistant for Physical Plant PP 307-754-6045
Jatkowski, Jessica Visiting Instructor of Political Science YB223 307-754-6151
Jatkowski, Walt Associate Professor of Political Science YB224 307-754-6134
Jeffs, Kendle Admissions Coordinator ORB100B 307-754-6400
Johnson, Amy Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant CLCC 307-754-6188
Johnson, Jayne Digital Studio Specialist FAB12 307-754-6183
Jones, Michaela Communications/Social Media Specialist ORB123E 307-754-6009
Joy, Julie Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Joy, Mandy Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Jurado, Esperanza Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Jurado, Nydia Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
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Name Title Office Phone
Kahouli, Sondes Visiting Exchange Professor of Business FAB22C 307-754-6156
Kakizakai, Nao Visiting Exchange Professor of Japanese ORB118F 307-754-6431
Karst, Deb Hathaway Scholarship Technician ORB104 307-754-6270
Kasinger, Clint Computing Services Coordinator MB102 307-754-6080
Kasinger, Dawn Scholarship Technician ORB104 307-754-6040
Keister, Scott Women's Volleyball Coach CB102 307-754-6211
Kelly, Deb Librarian HL 307-754-6209
Kelsay, Denise Art and Galleries Coordinator CB205 307-754-6499
Kenney, Leslie Athletic Trainer CB 307-754-6053
Kline, Char Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting ORB100 307-754-6101
Kobbe, Denise Senior Program Assistant for Athletics & Ag, Business, Communications & Equine Division CB112 307-754-6440
Kost, Kim Academic Success Associate - Project Succeed/TRiO FRS113 307-754-6293
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Name Title Office Phone
Lafollette, Quin Ag Pavilion and Judging Coordinator FAB 60F 307-754-6019
Laughlin, George Printing Services Supervisor FAB47 307-754-6182
Lawson, Kim Printing Services Specialist FAB66 307-754-6181
Levett, Camden Women's Basketball Coach CB 307-754-6026
Litterer-Treviño, Jennifer Instructor of Photography FAB16 307-754-6160
Loera, Cassie Senior Office Assistant, Humanities & Intercultural Programs ORB108G 307-754-6490
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Name Title Office Phone
Mains, Autourina Children's Learning and Care Center Manager CLCC 307-754-6188
Marquez, Erick Interim Fitness Center Assistant JFC 307-754-6439
McArdle, Kelly Academic & Career Advising Coordinator ORB100A 307-754-6124
McCallister, Keith Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education; Director of the DELTA Program FABA117 307-754-6115
McDonald, Andy Computing Services Programmer MB105 307-754-6080
McKinney, Amy Associate Professor of History YB251 307-754-6008
Megna, Libby Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Biological Sciences SM253 307-754-6140
Meyer, Terri Student Success Program Manager-Project Succeed / TRiO FRS101 307-754-6224
Miller, Aaron Men's Soccer Coach JFC2 307-754-6437
Miller, Carey Communications & Marketing Director ORB123D 307-754-6114
Miller, Nancy Library Director HL109 307-754-6243
Moline, Lara Visiting Assistant Professor of Music NPA18 307-754-6475
Moller, Stephanie Children's Learning and Care Center Assistant CLCC 307-754-6188
Moncur, Rebecca GEAR UP Coordinator ORB129 307-754-7822
Moore, Connie Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Spanish ORB123E 307-754-6421
Morgan, Whitney Educational Support Coordinator for Paramedic & EMS Programs CC2031 307-754-7820
Myers, Sandy Adult Basic Education Manager TVW/CTD 307-754-6280
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Name Title Office Phone
Newlin, Aura Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology YB221 307-754-6095
Northrup, Astrid Associate Professor of Engineering and Mathematics; Chairperson of Physical Science Division SM117 307-754-6066
Nose, Del Rodeo Coach ORB118G 307-754-6464
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Name Title Office Phone
Olson, Olie Facilities Technician PP 307-754-6042
Osborne, Mathew Instructor of Biology SM222 307-754-6231
Ostermiller, Cory Development Manager - Foundation ORB144D 307-754-6190
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Name Title Office Phone
Paisley, Annette Children's Learning and Care Center Assistant CLCC 307-754-6188
Paisley, Daren Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Paris, Zach Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands/Instrumental Music NPA18 307-754-6427
Patterson, Dave Instructor of Criminal Justice YB119 307-754-6328
Peterson, Tawnya Development Coordinator-Foundation ORB144H 307-754-6034
Peyton, Mike Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Peyton, Ruth Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Phillips, Troy Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Polvere, Anthony M. Associate Professor of Photography; Coordinator of Photography FAB17 307-754-6455
Porter, Tim Computing Services Analyst MB102C 307-754-6080
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Name Title Office Phone
Quillen, Dennis Interim Facilities Director PP 307-754-6012
Quinn, Shaman Financial Aid and Scholarships Director ORB104E 307-754-6232
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Name Title Office Phone
Reed, Deb Bookstore Manager DSC 307-754-6195
Robirds, Eyob Interim Facilities Assistant-General Campus Support PP 307-754-6045
Rodrigues, Angela Bookstore Assistant Manager DSC 307-754-6196
Rose, Will Instructor of Agroecology and Range Management FAB60E 307-754-6465
Rumbolz, Robert Associate Professor of Music NPA19 307-754-6426
Ryf, Kara Intercultural Program Coordinator ORB111B 307-754-6429
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Name Title Office Phone
Schaefer, Caitlin Senior Program Assistant for Nursing YB161 307-754-6484
Schaefer, Colby Facilities Supervisor - Grounds & Events PP 307-754-6116
Schneider, Jen Tutoring Coordinator HL210 307-754-6137
Shaw, Lindsay Interim Admissions Representative ORB102 307-754-6043
Shaw, Lucas Computing Services Coordinator MB103 307-754-6087
Sherwood, Anne Visiting Part-Time Instructor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6471
Sherwood, Marv Equine Center Coordinator EC 307-754-6072
Simon-Power, Amber Interim Dispute Resolution Officer
Simpkins, Michael Facilities Technician (HVAC) PP 307-754-6023
Sipe, Dezarae Faciliites Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Smith, Greg Associate Professor of Anthropology YB121 307-754-6131
Smith, Lisa Institutional Research Manager ORB106N 307-754-6292
Smith, Tina Assistant Professor of Nursing YB159 307-754-6037
Sorenson, Haley Fitness Center Coordinator JFC1 307-754-6113
Spinney, Kerrie Instructor of Mathematics SM113 307-754-6174
Spomer, Linda Finance Technician ORB106G 307-754-6486
Stensing, Martin Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Coordinator of Mathematics SM112 307-754-6049
Sullivan, Kristie Residence and Conference Specialist DSC221 307-754-6165
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Name Title Office Phone
Teitsch, Cindy Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Tharp, Barry Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307-754-6045
Thiel, Pam Assistant Professor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6468
Thomas, Greg Dean of Student Learning ORB126E 307-754-6024
Toner, Anne Assistant Professor of Art; Coordinator of Art CB204 307-754-6212
Townsend, Robert Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology SM134 307-754-6142
Trevino, Oscar Instructional Technology Specialist MB111A 307-754-6410
Tyree, Morgan Assistant Professor of Graphic Design CB202 307-754-6498
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Name Title Office Phone
Udodong, Uko Associate Professor of Chemistry SM221 307-754-6230
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Name Title Office Phone
Vincent, Kate Visiting Instructor of Music NPA20 307-754-6199
Voss, Becky Library Coordinator HL112 307-754-6167
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Name Title Office Phone
Waddell, Tracy Campus Security Assistant DSC 307-202-0605
Waite, Neil Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM128 307-754-6141
Wallace, Garry Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences SM256 307-754-6029
Warren, Kara Facilities Assistant (Custodial) PP 307-754-6045
Wassink, Dusty Facilities Technician (Electrician) PP 307-754-6071
Watson, Lisa Vice President for Administrative Services & Finance ORB106K 307-754-6098
Watts, Jessy Senior Office Assistant for Computing Services MB101 307-754-6080
Wetzel, Shelby Executive Director of the NWC Foundation ORB144B 307-754-6110
Williams, Carle Financial Aid Specialist ORB104D 307-754-6104
Williams, Gary Facilities Technician PP 307-754-6042
Wilson, Marsha Senior Office Assistant for Human Resources ORB106 307-754-6402
Woods, Sue Foundation Analyst ORB144C 307-754-6039
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There is no one listed in the Faculty & Staff Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone
Yates, Jory Computing Services Specialist MB102 307-754-6080
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Name Title Office Phone
Zeigler, Jim Men's Wrestling Coach CB103 307-754-6022
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