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Institutional Priority: Institutional Vitality
    NWC's four-year comprehensive self-study process was rewarded with continued accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. The next comprehensive HLC evaluation is scheduled in 2017-18. A focus visit in spring 2013 will look at institutional governance, administrative structures and annual budgeting processes.
    A Trust, Respect and Understanding Support Team (TRUST) was impaneled to study the campus climate and present a plan to improve the college's work environment and campus morale. Several TRUST initiatives were implemented and others are in progress.
    In October, the Big Horn Basin's newest FM station, KNWT, began broadcasting from its studios at NWC with 18,000 watts of power at 89.1 mHz. A federal Title III grant provided most of the funding for the project. As a noncommercial educational station, student-produced KNWT provides a wide range of music offerings, mixed in with public affairs, news, weather, sports and Spanish language programs.
    Northwest College topped all seven Wyoming community colleges in enrollment growth during the past two years, according to the Fall 2010 Enrollment Report released in April by the Wyoming Community College System. NWC's headcount grew by 20.1 percent from 1,810 students in 2008 to 2,173 students in 2010.
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