Northwest College

TRiO Student Support Services


You are eligible for TRiO Student Support Services if all of the following statements apply to you:

  1. I am a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  2. I have been admitted to Northwest College.
  3. I am seeking a certificate or degree (an associate's or a bachelor's).
  4. I plan to graduate with an associate's degree and/or transfer to a four-year college within the next three to four years.
  5. I do not already have an associate's or bachelor's degree.
  6. I meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • First generation (none of those who raised me has a bachelor's degree)
    • Documented disability (physical, psychological, emotional, or learning) that significantly impacts my ability to succeed in college.
  7. I have academic need with study, test-taking, time management, or money management strategies; transfer and career; navigating the college system; support of my efforts.