Northwest College

Showcase Session Formats


Presentations may follow different formats: oral presentation of their research; short poetry readings; group presentations. Presentations can also be used for an artist’s talk where an artist shares images of artwork (slides, digital images or actual work) and discusses their approach, methods and content.


Poster sessions are an alternative, interactive method of sharing research and scholarship. Poster sessions are large multidisciplinary displays of student work arranged into disciplinary or thematic groupings.  Attendees discuss posters and their content with students one-on-one or in small groups. Presenters are encouraged to discuss and engage with their colleagues before, during, and after their own poster presentation. Students’ posters should be designed to communicate their project, findings, and key outcomes. To maximize students’ experiences, please mentor your students to follow your discipline’s approach and expectations.

Exhibits and Demonstrations

Students can also showcase completed works such as art, photography, welding, musical performances, etc. Like poster presentations, students are encouraged to discuss and engage with the audience about their process, materials used, etc.


Showcase Committee