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Apply for Housing

We are paperless with an online housing application process! We are excited to partner with eRezlife to bring you:

  • Faster, more streamlined housing application
  • The ability to pay deposits online
  • The ability to search for specific roommates or find roommates with similar preferences to you
  • The ability to choose your hall and room
Apply for Housing


  1. Housing Application
    1. Visit the MyNWC College Portal and log in using your NWC username and password.
    2. Click on the logo-erezlife button.
    3. You will be directed to the site where the housing application is located.
    4. Complete your Housing Profile and click save.
    5. From there, the system will redirect you to the next page.

      If it doesn't, click on the Housing Overview tab in the gray menu on the left side of the screen.

    6. Select Apply Now for the upcoming term.
    7. Choose your residence building preference.
    8. Answer the questions on the application.

      Please note that mandatory questions have an asterisk (*) next to them.

    9. Confirm your application.

      Review and agree to the terms listed.

    10. The following page will be a confirmation message with a receipt number.

      A copy will be sent to your NWC email.

    11. Follow the link to pay your deposit.
  2. Deposit
    1. Click deposit payment.
    2. Browser will redirect you to a payment screen.
    3. Housing applicants who fail to pay the deposit are not eligible for housing placement.
  3. Roommates
    1. The Roomeez Profile is not mandatory, but if not completed, you will be randomly assigned based on your selected preferences.
    2. If you know who you want as a roommate(s), the Roommate Group must be completed.
    3. Towards the bottom of the gray menu, select Roomeez Profile.
    4. Fill out your information & make sure to click on the button that says Turn on my profile.

      This button is above the spot where you can choose your photo.

    5. Please note that you cannot search for roommates or make roommate groups without selecting this.
    6. Make sure to save your progress.


Kristie Sullivan
Residence and Conference Specialist