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Marcus Crook, Fall 2012

Shakespeare's immortal tragedy of the Prince of Denmark, who seeks to avenge the death of his father, but will he? His mother and uncle were in cahoots on the murder.
John Grisham's character-driven tale of reunion, broken high school football dreams, and missed chances.
Like the movies? J.K. Rowling's 7 books are even more spellbinding and adventuresome.
Shakespeare's delightful comedy of mixed-up desire and enchantment, merriment & farce.
How to change things when change is hard. By Chip & Dan Heath
Although people have told Rudy all his life he's not good enough, smart enough or big enough, nothing can stop his impossible dream of playing football for Notre Dame.

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Marcus $content.LastName Reads!


You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t always predict a person by the books he reads.

Take Marcus Crook.

His favorite reads are Hamlet, the Harry Potter Series, Switch, Bleachers and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

That’s right—Marcus is into wizards and forest fairies!

So what’s this Shakespeare fan doing when he’s not reading?

Check this out:

  • Watching college football—especially the Oregon Ducks
  • Spending time with family
  • Going to the theater (especially Les Miserables and anything Shakespeare)
  • Playing games and being outside in the mountains
  • Playing sports like golf, football, basketball
  • Snowboarding and boogieboarding
  • Riding rollercoasters

Stop by the Dewitt Student Center Activities office and say hello! to Marcus.



Photo Credits

  • Marcus Crook, by Daniel Baney, Public Relations Photography Specialist, Northwest College, Powell, WY, 2012.
  • SheiKra Floorless Dive Coaster, Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL at, 2012.
  • Snow Boarding in Chiesa Valmalenco by Peter Marlow, Magnum Photos, 2004, Image from ArtStor database.
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