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ed2go now has over 40 bundled courses designed to save you time and money!

Take these bundled courses from the comfort of your home or office at times that are convenient for you. You get the same instructor-led courses that are affordable, fun, fast, and geared just for you. The bundled courses include two or more courses for a reduced price that saves you money compared to enrolling in each course separately.

How Does It Work?

  • Courses begin monthly
  • Complete the lessons at your own pace. You do not have to be logged in when lessons are released.
  • Each lesson will include a discussion area through which you can communicate with the instructor. Lessons may also include quizzes, hands-on assignments, supplementary links, and more.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Northwest College Center for Training & Development upon successful completion.
  • Many of these bundles will prepare you for success in our ed2go Career Training Programs!

Click on any bundled topic below to learn more or to enroll:

  Accounting Fundamentals Series
  Adobe Value Suite
  Basic Computer Skills Suite
  C# Programming Series  
  Computer Networking Suite
  Creating WordPress Websites Series
  Creative Writing Value Suite
  Digital Marketing Suite
  Entrepreneurship Suite
  Grammar Refresher Series
  Grant Writing Suite
  GRE Prep Series
  Healthy Living Suite
  Healthy Relationships Suite
  HTML and CSS Series
  Java Programming Series
  Leadership Suite
  Medical Office Basics Series
  Medical Spanish Series
  Medical Terminology Series
  Microsoft Access 2016 Series
  Microsoft Excel 2016 Series
  Microsoft Office 2016 Value Suite
  Microsoft Word 2016 Series
  New Career Suite
  New Manager Suite 
  Nonprofit Suite
  Oracle Series
  Photography Suite
  PHP and MySOL Series
  PMP® Prep Series
  Presentation Skills Suite
  Project Management Suite
  QuickBooks 2016 Series
  Reading Strategies Suite
  Real Estate Suite
  Sales Training Suite
  SAT/ACT Prep Series
  Self-Improvement Suite
  Soft Skills Suite
  Speed Spanish Series
  SQL Series
  Stock Trading Suite
  Supervision and Management Series
  Supply Chain Suite
  Teaching ESL Series
  Veterinary Assistant Series
  Visual Basic Series
  Web Design Value Suite
  Workplace Law Essentials Value Suite
  Writing and Editing Value Suite



Carri Dobbins
Senior Office Assistant for Training and Development

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