Northwest College

Brand Messaging

Brand Attribute Messages

For when you are crafting communications about our brand, use these building blocks. Note: The verbiage included below is for context, not necessarily for verbatim usage.

Brand Attribute Message 1

Brand Attribute 1 Message Map

Brand Attribute Message 2

Brand Attribute 2 Message Map

Brand Attribute Message 3

Brand Attribute 3 Message Map


For example:

You’ll enhance your potential for success through an integrated learning experience.

  1. We offer a variety of practical opportunities so you’re geared for success upon graduation.
  2. Thoughtfully engage with both professors and peers through our diverse learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  3. Our distinctive transfer and workforce-ready pathways equip you for boundless possibilities.


For example:

We create opportunities for all students by providing an attainable education. A smart value.

  1. Our affordable choices provide you with the opportunity to invest sensibly in your future.
  2. Our many customized academic options allow you to accelerate toward your future.
  3. Our faculty care about your academic success, helping you build a foundation for individual achievement.


For example:

You’ll build authentic connections within our inclusive environment.

  1. The accessibility of our dedicated faculty and staff provides students with the comfort of a strong support network.
  2. Our active campus community is an ideal atmosphere for nurturing lifelong friendships.
  3. Within our welcoming community we make it easy for you to feel at home.