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Northwest College Trappers are Turning It Up

Posted by: Trapper Athletics — August 11, 2016

By DAN HOEHNE Tribune Sports Writer
Courtesy of the Powell Tribune

This past Monday marked the official opening of the collegiate practice seasons as teams start shaking off the rust and preparing for the upcoming fall schedules.

At Northwest College, activity got going both outdoors and indoors as the Trapper soccer and volleyball teams began gathering and getting ready for their respective seasons.

As is the case across the junior college sports landscape, there was plenty of turnover as veterans of last year’s teams were lost and replaced by a flurry of incoming freshmen and transfer students.

And Northwest will have plenty of international flair as well, with each of the fall team rosters filled in with a number of players from the likes of the U.K., Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro.

Team previews, including photos and schedules, will begin running next week, as the Tribune takes a closer look at what lies ahead for Trapper volleyball and soccer.