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NWC student talks about Mauritania April 26 in Cody

Posted April 12, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Cody area residents have an opportunity to learn about the West African country of Mauritania on Thursday, April 26, when Yahya Issalmou talks about his homeland at 7:30 p.m. in the Park County Complex Cafeteria.

Yahya Issalmou of Mauritania will consider both traditional and modern reflections of his West African homeland.

Issalmou is a sophomore business student at Northwest College. He'll share facts, images and observations about his French-speaking country in a program titled "La Mauritanie." He'll cover economics, geography, traditional food and clothing, and education. He'll also discuss Islam, the religion practiced by nearly 100 percent of the people in Mauritania.

"Yahya is a dynamic speaker," according to Harriet Bloom-Wilson, an assistant professor of French who also serves as the college's international student recruiter and advisor. "He's given presentations to churches, schools, and clubs in both Powell and Cody. "They're always memorable and filled with interesting information about this exotic country." Bloom-Wilson said she's sure the "audience will find Mr. Issalmou to be an intelligent, witty and captivating speaker."

Those who attended the April 19 Senegalese student presentation in Cody will be able to compare and contrast that country with Mauritania, which shares a southern and western border with Senegal.

Admission to "La Mauritanie" is free. Sponsored in part by the NWC Humanities Division, it is the second of two international student programs presented this month in Cody and the final one in the Northwest College 2006-07 Multicultural Series.