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Northwest College receives Wyoming Women's Foundation grant for single mother program

Posted December 14, 2007

P O W E L L, W y o. - Thanks to the Wyoming Women's Foundation (WyWF), Northwest College can continue a program that supports single-parent mothers who want to further their career or improve their ability to provide for their children.

NWC was awarded $7,170 by the WyWF for a fall semester 2008 support program designed specifically to assist single-parent mothers. According to the grant proposal, the NWC Trapper Aces Single Mother's Support Program will provide "eight weeks of intensive informational workshops and create a support and assistance group for up to 18 single mothers who are also students at Northwest College."

No other similar support group exists in Park, Big Horn and Washakie counties specifically for single mothers wanting to further their education. These women are often unable to access services on campus because of financial issues, child care concerns, time limitations and anxiety about asking for help.

This is the second time the WyWF has provided funds to support the NWC program. In addition to the WyWF funding, the NWC Student Senate contributed $400, and the NWC Academic Affairs Office pitched in $1,000 to boost the total budget of the fall 2008 program to $8,570.

The money will be used, among other things, to plan and implement 10 workshops during the semester. These workshops will include group counseling sessions as well as programs on parenting, childcare issues, health and fitness, time and money management, and more. Some of the sessions are dedicated to helping students identify resources available to single parents at the college and in the community. Each participant who completes the program also receives a $250 stipend that can be used at the mother's discretion for such things as childcare expenses and textbooks.

For more information or to apply for the Trapper Aces Single Mother's Support Program at Northwest College, e-mail Roena Halbur or call (800) 560-4692 or (307) 754-6135.

The Wyoming Women's Foundation is a charitable organization that supports economic self-sufficiency and access to opportunities for women and girls in Wyoming by raising funds, making grants and providing leadership. Click here for information about WyWF or call (307) 721-7007.