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Joint mass casualty training event on the Northwest College campus April 9

Posted April 2, 2024
By NWC News Desk

POWELL, Wyo. ─ The Northwest College Nursing, EMS, EMT, Paramedic, and Criminal Justice programs will be participating in a joint training event on the main Powell campus on Tuesday, April 9.

The all-day event will be based off a mass casualty response incident, which will provide an opportunity for each of these education specialties to train on relevant topics and will provide the faculty and staff and opportunity to evaluate these students on their competencies.

Throughout the day there will be a significant number of people in and around Ashley Hall and the Yellowstone Building, including emergency vehicles and EMT/EMS personnel. While the exercise is no cause for public alarm, for participating college students and employees the drill will be an intense environment that includes actors as if an emergency were actually occurring.

At no time during the training will any of the actors be outside of the control of faculty or staff, or in locations other than Ashley Hall or the Yellowstone Building. Faculty and staff involved in the administration and evaluation of the incident will be identifiable by reflective vests.

The event will have multiple emergency vehicles (ambulances and fire trucks), including a medical helicopter which will be landing on campus in the morning and present throughout the day. Many of these vehicles will stage in the parking lot to the north of Ashley Hall and will travel in between Ashley Hall and the Yellowstone Building.

Northwest College Athletics and the Safety & Security Office will be involved to provide logistical support and safety oversight in the training. These activities should not in any way affect the normal daily operations of the college but will be very visible throughout the day.

Please direct any questions you have about the training to NWC Campus Security Coordinator, Joshua Buhmann.

Joint mass casualty training event on the Northwest College campus April 9