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Hydraulic Excavator Simulator

The Hydraulic Excavator Simulator Training puts the student at the controls of a hydraulic excavator, which interacts with an articulated dump truck. The virtual work-site features a dynamic terrain with lifelike situations and material in twelve modules of increasing difficulty.  Thirty-seven indicators are precisely measured to teach real world skills for productive and safe operation on the job site.

Modules include:

• Control Familiarization
• Excavator Positioning
• Raking the Green
• Over the Moon
• Bench Climbing/Descending
• Trench Crossing
• Single Pass Dig and Dump
• Trenching
• Trench and Load
• Bench Loading with Truck Spotting
• Bench Loading with Truck Spotting- Boulders
• Ramp Building

Simulator Lab Training Time: Approximately 20 hours.
Simulator Lab Training Cost: $290.00

Upon successful completion of all 12 modules, the student will receive a certificate and may apply for a guided field operation experience using live equipment. (additional cost TBD)

To register or for more information: call 307-754-6062 or email


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