Northwest College

The Future of NWC: August 25 Focus Group (in person)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
5:30 PM  
Northwest College
Yellowstone Building
Conference Center

Northwest College invites faculty, staff and community members to take part in an upcoming focus group about the future of NWC. Help us anticipate, imagine and elevate the collective futures of both the College and the community.

We are reaching out to our friends and community partners to participate in these focus groups to help us think about and chart the future of Northwest College. This is your chance to actively participate in planning the future of the College.

We will use your feedback to build on our plan for institutional transformation. We want to protect the privacy of participants, so we will not record or videotape the conversations, but notes will be taken. Names will not be associated with anything that is said.

Focus group meetings will last 2 hours and you will be assigned to a small group to participate in the focus group. The meetings will be relaxed and informal, whether on-site or by video conference. Please RSVP below.

Note, this is the only in-person focus group we will be holding and we will be complying with COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations (face coverings will be required and social distancing protocols will be in place). The other focus groups will be held via video conferencing (Zoom).