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Fran Tanner Open

Sep 27 – Sep 29, 2019
Twin Falls, ID

NWC traveled eight students to Twin Falls, ID., for the Fran Tanner Open. As a team, Northwest was the top community college, and placed 3rd in both overall debate sweepstakes and overall individual events sweepstakes. Every NWC student in attendance placed in at least one event.


Individual Event Results:

Bossan Abdyyeva - 3rd duet (with Novasiltseva)

Nasheil Del Rosario - 4th duet (with Hunt)

Abigaile Grubb - 6th Poetry, 3rd Communication Analysis, 5th Informative

Aidan Hunt - 4th duet (with Del Rosario)

Brendan Kachnowski - 2nd poetry, 1st duet (with Mader), 2nd drama, 4th prose

Mariah Mader - 1st duet (with Kachnowski)

Tanya Novasitlseva- 3rd duet (with Abdyyeva)

Genesis Schell - 4th poetry, 4th Communication Analysis


Debate Results:

Aidan – 3rd novice IPDA

Bossan – 3rd novice IPDA, 8th speaker novice IPDA

Abigaile Grubb - 10th speaker open IPDA

Brendan Kachnowski – 6th speaker open IPDA

Fran Tanner Open image