Northwest College

Democracy in America and Around the World [CANCELED]

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
6:00 PM  
Northwest College
Yellowstone Building
YB Conference room

Scholars from UW and NWC will discuss various angles on “Democracy in America and Around the World” on Wednesday, April 15 at Northwest College.

Speakers include:

  • James Arvanitakis, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Western Sydney University, Australia; 2019-20 Milward L. Simpson Visiting Fulbright Professor in UW’s School of Politics, Public Affairs and International Studies.
  • Jason McConnell, UW Assistant Professor of Political Science.
  • Aura Newlin, NWC Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology

Arvanitakis says that contemporary democracies around the world, “be it the United States or Australia, have shown themselves to be resilient to shocks: From terrorist attacks to natural disasters, citizens rally and work cooperatively.”

“Despite this, a number of social and political trends are causing fractures which are dividing us. How can these trends be addressed and overcome?” he asks. “These divisions are not inevitable, but we must find ways to respond to ensure the long-term health of our democratic institutions.”

The discussion is part of UW’s Sen. Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Project. This fall marks the launch of the program, a two-year partnership with UW and Wyoming community colleges to share the expertise of faculty members and students with state residents.

This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by UW’s Office of Engagement and Outreach; the UW College of Arts and Sciences; the UW School of Politics, Public Affairs and International Studies; and NWC’s Social Science and Education Division.

For more information, call the UW Office of Engagement and Outreach (307) 766-5202 or email