Northwest College

Al Johnson Invitational

Oct 18 – Oct 20, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO

Northwest College Forensics attended the James “Al” Johnson tournament in Colorado Springs, CO. The swing tournament offered two back-to-back tournaments for schools attending. NWC finished by winning both halves of the swing, earning the top spot among community colleges and placing first in overall sweepstakes for the swing.


Individual Results – Tournament 1:



Nasheili Del Rosario - 4th speaker IPDA

Lorna Gage - 8th speaker IPDA

Abigaile Grubb - 2nd place IPDA, top speaker IPDA 

Aidan Hunt - 10th speaker IPDA


Individual Events:

Bossan Abdyyeva - 4th duet (with Novosiltseva)

Nasheil Del Rosario - 3rd persuase, 3rd POI

Lorna Gage- 2nd drama 

Abigaile Grubb - 4th poetry, 1st CA

Aidan Hunt - 5th prose

Brendan Kachnowski - 2nd Duet (with Mader), 2nd POI, 2nd prose, 1st poetry

Mariah Mader - 2nd duet (with Kachnowski)

Tanya Novosiltseva- 4th persuase, 4th duet (with Abdyyeva), 7th ADS

Genesis Schell - 3rd CA


Individual Results – Tournament 2:

Bossan Abdyyeva - 3rd duet (with Novosiltseva), 3rd persuasion, 6th prose

Nasheil Del Rosario - 1st persuasion

Lorne Gage- 1st drama

Abigaile Grubb - 3rd Poetry, 2nd CA

Aidan Hunt - 2nd drama, 3rd POI, 5th prose

Brendan Kachnowski - 1st duet (with Mader), 4th drama, 1st POI, 1st Poetry, 4th prose

Mariah Mader - 1st duet (with Kachnowski)

Tanya Novosiltseva - 3rd duet (with Abdyyeva), 5th persuasion, 6th ADS

Genesis Schell - 2nd poetry, 4th CA