Northwest College

Residency Classification

The following regulations govern the classification of students as resident or nonresident for the purpose of tuition charges at Northwest College.

Classification Procedures

  • Residence classification is made at the time your application for admission is accepted.
  • Only individuals or their legal dependents who are U.S. citizens or in an emigrant status may qualify for residency.
  • You may be required  to supply information to document your residency status.


Any of the following may be used classify you as a Wyoming resident for tuition purposes:

  • You are a graduate of a Wyoming high school or GED recipient who enrolls in a Wyoming community college within 12 months of high school graduation.
  • You are an individual who can provide written verification that you have lived in Wyoming continuously for one year prior to enrolling.
  • You are a legal dependent under the age of 24, or a spouse of a resident of the State of Wyoming who qualifies as a resident based upon this policy.
  • You are a legal dependent under the age of 24 of a Wyoming community college graduate.
  • You are married to a Wyoming resident and can be granted resident classification at the beginning of the next term following the marriage.
  • You are an individual on active duty in Wyoming with the United States Armed Forces, Wyoming National Guard, or Reserves.
  • You  can provide written verification from a Wyoming employer that you will be employed full-time for an anticipated period of not less than seven (7) months.
  • You were temporarily absent from the state due to military service, attendance at educational institutions, or other types of documented temporary absences.  You will not have your resident status voided by such absence.


If your parent(s) or guardian(s) received a degree or certificate from any Wyoming Community College, you may qualify for resident tuition rates.

If you do not reside in Wyoming, you may be considered a resident for tuition purposes if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have been employed in Wyoming for at least seven months, and such employment is your principal means of support.
  • You pay Wyoming property taxes.
  • You reside in a state with a similar law.
  • You are willing to submit an affidavit to the above.


Orendorff Building, ORB 100


If you were previously classified as a nonresident, you may be reclassified after meeting the established residency criteria. The request must be received 20 days prior to the start of classes of the term in which reclassification is sought.