Northwest College

Teaching & Learning Center

Welcome to the TLC!

Have you ever pondered new teaching approaches to improve your teaching? Have you successfully tried a new method but never had the chance to share it with your colleagues? Are you feeling motivated to learn? Have you simply wanted to discuss teaching and learning in general? The TLC is the place for you to do all that and more!

The TLC offers a variety of programming, workshops, and seminars; it is a space for cross-campus discussions related to teaching and learning. All college employees are invited to attend TLC activities, which mostly take place in the TLC if not otherwise announced.

Where is the TLC located? It is on the south-west side of the first floor in the Science & Math Building. You enter by using the outside door (blue-gray color) that is facing the large parking lot. 

If you are interested in facilitating a workshop, hosting a seminar, or if you have suggestions for future activities, please do not hesitate to contact the TLC Group at Teaching & Learning Group.

Beer & Brainstorm

Wednesday, September 25, 4:00-5:30 pm

Nelson House