Northwest College

Our Staff

In alphabetical order by first name
Name Title Phone
Amanda Enriquez Intercultural Program Manager 307-754-6424
Becky Voss Library Coordinator 307-754-6167
Cammy Rowley Fixed Term Instructor of Education 307-754-6155
Carri Dobbins Senior Office Assistant for Training and Development 307-754-6257
Cheri Mateo Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs 307-754-6472
Christi Greaham Training & Development Program Associate 307-754-6062
Denise Kobbe Senior Program Assistant for Athletics & Ag, Business, Communications & Equine Division 307-754-6440
Dustin Dicks Instructional Technology Coordinator 307-754-6090
Faith Johnson Library Coordinator 307-754-6238
Gerald Giraud Vice President for Academic Affairs 307-754-6235
Jen Schneider Tutoring Coordinator 307-754-6137
Joshua Chavarria Fixed Term Instructor of Emergency Medical Services (EMT & Paramedic) 307-754-7820
Kara Ryf Intercultural Program Coordinator 307-754-6429
Kelly McArdle Academic & Career Advising Coordinator 307-754-6124
Leslie Bigham Community Education Program Specialist 307-754-6469
Martin Stensing Dean of Student Learning 307-754-6024
Nancy Miller Library Director 307-754-6243
Nancy Gilmore Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs 307-754-6147
Oscar Trevino Instructional Technology Specialist 307-754-6410
Rachel Booth Interim Senior Office Assistant, Visual & Performing Arts & Intercultural Program 307-754-6490
Will Rose Instructor of Agroecology and Range Management 307-754-6465
Zach Paris Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands/Instrumental Music 307-754-6427