Northwest College

Assessment at NWC

Organizational Structure for Assessment of Student Learning


Work collaboratively to determine general education, program level and all college student learning outcomes. Determine course level outcomes and alignment with general education, program level and all college outcomes.

Determine assessment strategy at the course level. Reflect and report on student learning outcomes at the course level. Provide data to the college assessment of student learning structure as appropriate.

Central Assessment Team

Comprised of interested and committed faculty from across academic divisions.


  • Internal peer review for all college, general education, and program level assessment of student learning outcomes. Review assessment of learning outcomes at each level.
  • Clearing house for assessment of student learning data and analysis. Review data and analysis of all levels of assessment. Suggest or request action on results.
  • Plan professional development activities related to assessment.
  • Promote, support, and encourage assessment work among colleagues and across the college.
Institutional Research Office


  • Warehouse assessment of student learning data.
  • Conduct analysis as requested.
  • Prepare assessment of student learning reports for publication.
  • Serve as internal consultant to programs and the Central Assessment Committee.
Curriculum Committee

Comprised of faculty across divisions.


  • Review course requests for assessment plan
  • Work with CAT in assessment of general education outcomes
  • Consider assessment data in curriculum decisions
Vice President of Academic Affairs


  • Responsible for oversight of assessment of student learning program.
  • Works with the Central Assessment Team.
  • Reviews all results of assessment of student learning and refers reports for review by appropriate department or program.
  • Makes recommendations to the President’s Advisory Committee based on data from direct and indirect measures of student learning.
  • Reports assessment results to the Board of Trustees, and
  • Oversees publication of assessment results on the NWC college website.
Academic Advisory Council

Comprised of academic division chairs.


  • Support and encourage the work of the Central Assessment Team.
  • Promote the importance and value of assessment of student learning at all levels.
  • Review reports from Central Assessment Team and programs in considering priorities for resource allocation in the Allocated Resource Planning process (ARPP).
President’s Advisory Council

Vice Presidents and President.


  • Review reports on assessment of student learning from the Central Assessment Committee.
  • Consider student learning assessment evidence in resource allocation decisions.
  • Consider AAC recommendations made based on assessment of student learning.


Dave Erickson
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs