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December 11, 2014
NWC's Pohlman, Djordjevic honored
The pot keeps getting sweeter for the Northwest College volleyball program.

November 28, 2014
Trapper Volleyball revealed itself at national championship
Without ever really explaining what it meant, Shaun Pohlman preached the idea of Trapper volleyball through the entirety of this season.

November 25, 2014
A Final Four Finish
CASPER - The Northwest College volleyball team’s biggest match seemed to come a little early during the NJCAA Division I National Volleyball Championship at the Casper Events Center in Casper.

November 20, 2014
Trapper volleyball heads to nationals
For the last 11 days, the Northwest College volleyball team has been asking a question that head coach Shaun Pohlman has no answer for.

November 20, 2014
I Love My Team
Aleksandra Djordjevic pronounces her I’s like E’s and her W’s like V’s, and when she gets into “trouble,” she isn’t afraid to facetiously use “I don’t know” as an escape route.

November 10, 2014
IX is fine for NWC
CASPER - Casper College had already collected one surprising victory.

November 4, 2014
NWC volleyball claims region title
Northwest College volleyball coach Shaun Pohlman has hyped the depth of his bench all season.

October 28, 2014
The match between NJCAA Division I’s No. 13- and No. 9-ranked teams went the distance on Saturday.

October 23, 2014
NWC volleyball squad keeps rolling
Following his team’s road victories over Region IX foes Casper and Sheridan colleges last week, respectively, Northwest College volleyball coach Shaun Pohlman tried to keep things in perspective.

October 16, 2014
No. 14 Northwest volleyball notches 20th victory of season
The Lady Trappers just keep winning.

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