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Northwest College


Majors / Programs

Northwest College offers over 85 degree and certificate programs including General Studies.

Select from options below for complete program information:

AA   =   Associate of Arts Degree
AA   =   Associate of Arts Degree
If you're not sure where you plan to transfer to after Northwest, or if you're not convinced you'll stick with your current major, consider an Associate of Arts degree. You'll take a broad spectrum of classes and probably more arts and humanities courses than with other degrees. An AA degree will put you on the road to a bachelor of arts degree.
AS    =   Associate of Science Degree
AS    =   Associate of Science Degree
If math and science rock your world, or if you have your eye on a pre-professional course of study at a four-year institution, the Associate of Science degree is worth looking into. Regardless of your major, if you're working toward an AS degree, you'll find yourself in more higher-level math and lab science classes. An AS degree prepares you for a bachelor of science degree.
AAS =  Associate of Applied Science Degree
AAS =  Associate of Applied Science Degree
If you're headed straight into the work world after graduating from Northwest but want to hold your options open for a management position later on, the Associate of Applied Science is your best choice. It can also lead to a job in community college technical teaching. With this degree, you'll take more classes directly related to your major and fewer general education classes like English and math. An AAS degree will work toward a bachelor's of applied science degree or a bachelor of science in career and technical education.
CSC  =  Comprehensive Skills Certificate
CSC  =  Comprehensive Skills Certificate
If you want a technical job (in graphic design, radio production or drafting, for instance), or if your major is in a field where having a degree won't necessarily boost your paycheck, a Comprehensive Skills Certificate may be right for you. Your classes will focus almost exclusively on your field of study. Hardly any math or English courses are required.
SC    =  Skills Certificate
SC    =  Skills Certificate
If you need a particular skill set to get a job or a promotion, a Skills Certificate is the way to go. Depending on the skill, it's possible to earn a certificate after as few as six credits. You'll be more employable without investing the time and money a degree requires. Also consider this option if you want to get a feel for college classes before committing yourself to a degree program.

Majors / Programs

Associate Degrees Certificates
Accounting or Business Administration        
Administrative Assistant      
Advanced Welding        
Agriculture Business        
Agriculture Communication        
Agriculture Education        
Allied Health        
Animal Science        
Archaeological Technician        
Archaeology Technology        
Assistant Coach        
Athletic Training        
Basic Digital Imaging        
Basic Photographic Imaging        
Business - Multiple Tracks      
Challenge Course Facilitation        
Criminal Justice        
Drafting Technology      
Early Childhood Education      
Elementary Education      
English: Literary Studies        
English: Writing        
Equine Business Management        
Equine Care and Basic Riding        
Equine Riding & Training        
Farm and Ranch Management        
(Professional Farrier)
Farrier Business Management        
Farrier Horse Owner Basic Hoof Care        
Film Production        
General Studies
(Undecided / General Studies)
Graphic Design      
Head Coach        
Help Desk        
International Studies        
Journalism - Print        
Journalism Endorsement for Public School Teachers        
Liberal Studies        
Music Technology        
Natural Resource Biology
(Biology-Natural Resource)
Nursing Assistant
(Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA)
Nursing: Associate of Applied Science
(Registered Nurse)
Nursing: Practical Nurse
(Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN)
Outdoor Education & Recreation Leadership
Photographic & Digital Preservation Specialist        
Photographic Communications        
Physical Education        
Political Science        
Pre-Occupational Therapy        
Pre-Physical Therapy        
Pre-Professional Sciences        
Production Agriculture      
Radio Production      
Range Management        
Robotics Technology
(Welding Robotics Technology)
Secondary Education      
Social Science        
(Modern Languages - Spanish)
Surveying Technician        
Television Production        
Veterinary Assistant        
Welding - Gas Metal Arc Welding
Welding - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Welding Technology    
Word Processing        
Northwest College
Northwest College

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