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Shannon Lusk

Career and Transfer Associate TRiO

Phone: 307-754-6293
Location: Frisby Building
Office: FRS113

Shannon has been connected to the Northwest College community for almost 30 years.  As a grade school student she spent summers on campus, she attended NWC her first two years of college, and came back to work on campus a few years ago.  Shannon choose to attend Northwest College, almost 600 miles from her High School in Libby, Montana because she was comfortable with the campus and it was cost effective.  She started Northwest College as an Agriculture major and switched focuses at least 40 times before settling on Secondary Education.  She grew up thinking she wanted to be a veterinarian because of her love for animals; while working in an animal hospital she changed her mind after seeing most of the animal patients were sick or injured.  After 18 years of thinking she wanted to be a vet this discovery left her feeling very lost.  Encouragement from college faculty and exploration of a numerous careers through various classes at Northwest led her to find Secondary Education.

After Northwest, Shannon navigated the transfer process to MSU-Billings.  The transfer was a little rough, some of her Northwest courses did not fit into MSU-B degree requirements and it took her three years to finish.  She graduated with a Broad Field Social Studies degree; which certified her to teach economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology in grades 5-12, but never became a full-time classroom teacher.  After graduating from MSU-Billings Shannon married her husband and worked as a substitute teacher.  Two military deployments (for her husband) later, they moved to Powell for him to attend classes at Northwest.  For the following six years Shannon put her teaching degree to work planning the lessons and activities for a local after-school and summer youth program. 

In 2011 Shannon came back to Northwest as an employee.  She spent one year in the Academic Affairs department; helping with distance education and concurrent and dual enrollment.  She spent the next year helping students plan for what comes after Northwest, as the campus-wide career and transfer coordinator.  And this year she joined the TRiO program as the Career and Transfer Coordinator for Project Succeed students.  Shannon’s almost life-time association with Northwest makes her excited and well equipped to help students plan their next steps.  She says the best part of her job here at NWC is working with students to plan their future after college, and then seeing them succeed!