Agriculture Department


The Paul Stock Agriculture Pavilion is a 22,000 square foot facility used primarily to support the NWC Agriculture Department and Livestock Judging program; it is an extension of student learning through lab exercises and hands-on experience.

Programs directly related to the use of the Agriculture Pavilion are:

  • Animal Science
  • Production Agriculture
  • Farm/Ranch Management
  • Agriculture Business
  • Agroecology
  • Fresh Meats Processing
  • Livestock Judging
  • Show Team

Events held in the Agriculture Pavilion and sponsored by the NWC Agriculture Department or other programs include:

  • District FFA Livestock Judging
  • Practice judging for 4-H and FFA students on a year-round basis
  • The annual NWC Livestock Judging Camp
  • The annual NWC Pig Sale
  • Animal Science lab finals
  • A.I. School
  • Dances Hosted by the NWC Block and Bridle


The Crop and Soil Sciences Greenhouse is a 1,500 square foot facility used to provide hands-on activities to all our students. From forage crop science to range management, the greenhouse is used year-round as a demonstration, semester garden, experiment, and lab activity area.

The greenhouse is completely climate controlled by automation so that we can use it throughout the academic year.


Vern Dooley
Associate Professor of Agriculture; Chairperson for Agriculture, Business, Communications and Equine Division