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When high school students become college students, the federal government grants them FERPA rights that often surprise and confound parents. Did you know:

  • NWC personnel cannot discuss your student’s grades, payment status, classroom issues, etc., with you unless your student submits a Release of Information to the Registrar. This is not a regular step in the admissions process. Your student must initiate it independently. The student can complete this through their MY NWC Student Portal.
  • NWC personnel cannot discuss your students financial account information (financial aid, billing accounts, etc) once the student starts classes. This is not a regular step in the financial aid process. Your student must initiate it independently The release of this information can also be completed by the student through their MY NWC Student Portal
  • Your student will receive all correspondence from NWC at his or her place of residence; you may never see any bills or other payment notices during the school year.

 When it comes to the financial aid process, your student will count on you most for the FAFSA and, if needed, for federal loans. You are asked to provide confidential information during the financial aid application process. Be assured this information is handled carefully and under the strictest federal guidelines.

Get Involved

The financial aid application process can be a daunting one for your student. The best way to help is to get involved. Check in with your student to see if he or she is completing all the steps.


Financial Aid
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