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Computing Services

Computer Facilities

Computers are accessible from many locations across the campus using a Gigabit Fibre Optic network. Computer labs are available for scheduled classes and "open" lab times for student use in the following areas:

PC Labs

Fagerberg Building

  • FAB26
  • FAB28

Nelson Performing Arts Building
  •  NPA26

Science & Math Building
  • SM124
  • SM135
  • SM153
  • SM155

Yellowstone Building

  • YB218
  • YB245

Mac Labs

  • FAB41
  • FAB42
  • FAB44
  • FAB46
  • FAB62

Macintosh computer labs support the Graphic Arts and Photographic Communications programs.

There are also computers (both Mac and PC) available in the library; including the Late Night Study that stays open after-hours. Students may use the computers in each residence hall available twenty-four hours daily at the discretion of residence hall directors. Each resident of Ashley Hall, Cody Hall, Lewis and Clark Hall, Simpson Hall and Colter Hall has Internet access from their room.

Students automatically have access to off-campus Internet resources (including e-mail). "Open" lab hours vary from semester to semester depending upon class scheduling and load. Generally, schedules for the computer labs are posted on the lab room doors by the second week of each semester.


Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

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