DELTA Program

The key to experiential learning is designing instruction that engages all of a learner's senses.

DELTA is an acronym which stands for "Dedicated to Experiential Learning Through Adventure." This program is a vehicle for delivering adventure education services to the college community and to the public.

DELTA workshops can be designed to target many themes, including teambuilding, cooperation, communication, self-confidence, diversity, creativity, and leadership.

Delta Workshops


Open Year-Round

Our indoor campus facilities are open year-round for programming. The A.L. Mickelson Field Station is open from approximately late April through October, depending on the weather.

Open Year Round


Estimated Cost

DELTA programs start at $75. The fees are based on chosen activities, i.e. low ropes course, high ropes course, training..., and the total number of participants.

Our facilitator:participant ratios do not exceed 1:12. In other words, for every 12 participants, you will have an additional facilitator.


DELTA Program