Writing in the Academic World



1st place
Blessed by Burden

By Debbie Muller

For Dialogues in the Humanities / Michael Konsmo

2nd place
The Book of Margery Kempe - Medieval Mysticism and Sanity

By Sharee Miller

For English Literature Genre / Deb Koelling

3rd place
Brucellosis: A Study of Cross-Species Transmission Between Elk and Domestic Livestock in Park County, Wyoming

By Katy-Jane Angwin

For Agricultural Sciences Research Methods / Micah Humphreys

4th place
The Social Organization of the Tlingit and Its Integration into Daily Life

By Elizabeth Crawford

For Seminar in Social Science Research / Gary Sturmer

5th place
Life and Legacy of Augustus Caesar

By Jennifer Fae Rosser

For History of Western Civilization I / Steve Thulin