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Federal Financial Aid Verification


What is Verification?

Verification is a quality control process in the administration of Federal Student Aid required by the U.S. Department of Education. Being selected for verification does not necessarily mean the applicant made an error when filing their application. The NWC Financial Aid Office (FAO) is simply required to conduct activities that will verify the accuracy of information provided by students (and parents, if applicable) when they apply for federal student aid.

What Information is required to be Verified?

Students whose applications are selected for verification will be required to submit specified documentation to the Northwest College FAO.

1. Tax Documentation

If the student/parents have filed a federal tax return,  

 Option #1 (PREFERRED):     Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. 

The best way to verify income is by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) which is part of FAFSA on the Web. If students/parents have not already used the IRS DRT, go to ,  hover on Apply for Aid select “Review and Correcting your FAFSA form,” and navigate to the Financial Information section of the form. From there, follow the instructions to determine if the student is eligible to use the IRS DRT to transfer 2021 IRS income tax information into the student’s FAFSA. If you need more information about when, or how to use the IRS DRT see your financial aid administrator.

NOTE: If married and the student and spouse or the parents filed separate 2021 IRS income tax returns, the IRS DRT cannot be used and the 2021 IRS Tax Return Transcript(s) must be provided for each.

You must submit a 2021 Tax Return Transcript to the FAO.

Option #2: Submit a 2021 IRS Tax Return Transcript to the Financial Aid Office. Pick one of the following options in order to obtain a transcript:  

Online Request. Go to, under the Tools heading on the IRS homepage, click "Get Your Tax Record."  Two options:

  1. Get Transcript ONLINE.  Allows the user to immediately receive an online PDF version of their IRS Tax Return Transcript or, if appropriate, a verification of non-filing. The online tool uses an enhanced two-step, multi-factor authentication process that requires the user to register before submitting a transcript request. 
  2. Get Transcript by MAIL.  This request will result in the IRS mailing a paper transcript to the address on file with the IRS. Unless the tax filer has formally changed their address with the IRS (through the IRS change of address processes), the address on file with the IRS is the one used on the individual’s last filed tax return.

OTHER OPTIONS to obtain tax transcripts

Telephone Request: call  1-800-908-9946. 

Paper Request Form: use  IRS Form 4506T-EZ or IRS Form 4506-T.  found at 

Use the Social Security Number (or the IRS individual taxpayer identification number) and date of birth of the first person listed on the 2021 IRS income tax return, and the address on file with the IRS (normally this will be the address used on the 2021 IRS income tax return).

NOTE: Request a return transcript, NOT an account transcript, unless you (or parents, if applicable) have amended the return. Then request both a return transcript and an account transcript.

NOTE: It can take up to 30 days for the IRS to process your request.  Please plan accordingly.

Option #3: Submit a signed copy of the 2021 1040 Income Tax Return and all applicable schedules.

*If the student (and parents, if applicable) earned income from work and were not required to file a federal tax return, the FAO will need:

  • a copy of  2021 W-2 form(s), which the student/parents can request directly from the IRS if copies aren’t available.  Request a Wage & Income Transcript.
  • A statement of non-filing - All Non-tax filers selected for verification MUST submit a statement of non-filing direct from the IRS. In order to request a statement of non-filing you must submit a 4506-T form directly to the IRS either via fax or mail. You will find the form 4506-T at . You will need to complete a 4506-T and mark item #7 - to request a Verification of Non-filing and submitting to the IRS either via mail or fax. A W-2 wage statement can also be requested on this form by marking item #8. Mark #9 year requesting as 12/31/2021
2. Institutional Verification Form

There are separate forms for this process, depending on the type of verification required.  Your Request Letter will list the titles of all forms needed.  Download forms by clicking on the Financial Aid Forms tab on the NWC Financial Aid website. Visit the Financial Aid Forms

3. Other information, as requested (items may include, but not limited to):
  • A copy of the student's military discharge (Form DD-214).
  • A copy of the student's Marriage Certificate.
  • Copy of 2021 student/spouse and/or parent W-2 forms
  • Proof that a student:
    • has not borrowed more than the aggregate student loan allowance
    • does not owe repayment on a previous over-award
    • is not in default on a federal student loan
  • Verification of Child Support Paid/Received
  • Verification of Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • A copy of the student's Social Security card.
  • A copy of Birth Certificate(s) and proof of dependency for children the student supports.
  • High School (or equivalency) completion status
  • Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose
  • Official transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions (institutions of higher education)


  1. All required documentation must be received and reviewed by the FAO, and any discrepancies must be resolved before a student's eligibility can be determined.
  2. Upon completion of the verification process, the FAO will notify the student of the results. If the student is eligible for financial aid they will receive an Offer Letter.
  3. Northwest College does not award federal aid or certify federal student loans until the verification process is complete and any/all corrections are made, reprocessed, and received by the FAO.


Financial Aid
Orendorff Building, ORB104
307-754-6154 (Fax)
307-754-6225 (TTY)


Students who are selected for verification will be notified by the FAO of the documentation requirements.

All required documentation should be submitted as soon as possible after it is requested.