Northwest College

Consumer Information & Disclosures

Activity 7: Safeguarding Customer Information

Verification of Student Identity

Northwest College students either register in person the first time, provide adequate proof of identify if registering by phone, or must have been issued their student ID which allows them to set up their student portal prior to online registration.  All credit students have an account on the NWC portal and have a secure login and password.  Online services are only available through this access.   This includes access to registration and student account information and access to Moodle, the learning management system NWC online courses.  The college has also loaded student pictures in the administrative database.  They will be accessible by all faculty and staff as appropriate to their roles.

Students who take online courses must login with the user name and password each time they enter their student portal.  Moodle also allows instructors to use additional passwords for exams and other projects.  Some instructors opt for proctored exams that are done onā€campus, at outreach sites or at other approved sites.  Students must show identification before taking the exam.

All employees receive FERPA training and sign confidentiality agreements.  Faculty has access to information only on students in their classes or assigned to them as advisors.  Other staff members have access to information as appropriate to the duties of their position.  Students may opt out of publishing their directory information as well.


Dee Havig
Interim Vice President for Student Services


Northwest College will provide paper copies of any of these documents upon request.