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Nic Urbach Signs To Grapple With Trappers

Posted by: Trapper Athletics — April 26, 2016

By DAN HOEHNE Tribune Sports Writer
Courtesy of the Powell Tribune

For Powell senior Nic Urbach, there was never much doubt that he would be a wrestler, and the lifetime in the sport has served him well as he recently signed to continue his career at Northwest College. 

Urbach’s father, Nate, had been a standout high school wrestler and competed collegiately at Chadron, continuing on to become a wrestling coach, which lead to Nic getting started at an early age. 

“There was never a doubt that he was going to wrestle and he first got on a mat at about 3 or 3 1/2 years old,” Nate said. 

Fortunately, the passion for the sport came naturally, as did the successes that would follow. 

During Urbach’s four years with the Panthers, he was state runner up as a freshman and junior, while taking home state titles his sophomore and senior years, with all four trips to state in different weight classes. 

All the while, Northwest College head coach Jim Zeigler had followed Urbach’s growth in the sport. 

“We’ve had youth camps here and Nic was always coming to them, so I’ve been able to see him along the way,” he said. “I’ve watched him transform and grow into a very fine athlete. I see his work ethic and passion for the sport and know that he’s got an even higher ceiling.”

Urbach branched out athletically as well, taking part in football as well as track, further enhancing his overall athleticism.

“I like the physicality in sports, especially like with football and wrestling,” Urbach said. “And I just like the aspect of wrestling in that I’m out there on my own, doing battle.” 

Zeigler had a bit of competition, as Nate’s alma mater Chadron also an interest in bringing Urbach on board. 

And though he would take the visit back to his original hometown, Urbach more comfortable with the program and atmosphere at Northwest.

“I’ve known Coach Zeigler for so long and it’s a great program here,” he said. “And I like the atmosphere here. I know to do well I will have to work hard and keep my focus, and I see myself being able to stay focused here.” 

There’s another element to wrestling that taps into Urbach, as seen by his choice of a major he looks to study in college. 

“I want to go into biology,” he said. “I have always really liked biology and have always been in the higher level science classes. I enjoy science and want to continue with it.” 

With his passion for physicality and mind toward science, this makes for a combination that sounds just about right for this standout wrestler.