Northwest College

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First Name / Last Name
Kayla Atkinson D 3 Sophomore Powell, WY
Shayla Conner D 13 Sophomore Colstrip, MT
Abbie Hogan D 15 Sophomore Powell, WY
Kenadee Jenkins D 23 Sophomore Auburn, WY
Drew Groll D 9 Transfer Sophomore Evanston, WY
Jules Novakovich F 2 Freshman Cody, WY
Natalia Colicci F 17 Freshman Acton, CA
Brandie Beddes F 7 Sophomore Casper, WY
Christina Lacek G 1 Freshman Gillette, WY
Treva Robson M 5 Freshman Powell, WY
Brooke Seidel M 4 Sophomore Worland, WY
Genevieve Sauers M 11 Freshman Cody, WY
Kailee Ingalls M 16 Freshman Sheridan, WY
Ingrid Caputo M 10 Freshman Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Gabriele Carvalho M 8 Freshman Sao Paulo, Braxil