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Prosceno Signs To Play Soccer At Northwest

Posted by: Trapper Athletics — January 9, 2019

By AMBER PEABODY Cody Enterprise Sports Writer
Courtesy of the Cody Enterprise

For most of her life, Alexa Prosceno has played soccer and she doesn’t plan to stop when she graduates from Cody High School this spring.

The senior recently signed to play for Northwest College next fall.

“I wanted to stay close to home,” she said. “I’m feeling excited and like I can help the team improve.”

The youngest of four siblings, Prosceno began playing soccer when she was 5.

“I was always hanging around my siblings when they were playing,” she said. “I like being part of a team. They are like my second family.”

During her time with Yellowstone Fire club teams she found success, winning a couple of state titles.

Her goal her freshman season with the Fillies was to make the varsity team. She achieved that, but said it was an adjustment playing against the older girls.

“It was a little nerve wracking because it’s a lot different than Yellowstone Fire,” she said.

Prosceno also was a part of Cody’s back-to-back state champion teams her sophomore and junior seasons.

“It was awesome,” she said. “We all have so much dedication to the sport and don’t have the mentality to give up. I call it the Bronc mentality.”

It was after last season that Prosceno decided she wanted to continue her playing career and started looking at schools. She visited NWC in September.

“I practiced with the team and spent the day there,” she said. “It was a cool experience. I liked it so I decided to go to Northwest.”

Filly coach Marian Miears said the decision is a good one.

“Alexa has been around the game for a very long time, therefore she has a very good understanding of the dynamics of the game,” Miears said. “She will be a great asset for Northwest College.”

Prosceno also has a family connection to the team, as her older sister Alyssa played for the squad.

“I’m following in her footsteps,” she said.

Prosceno is looking forward to playing with former Filly teammates Genevieve Sauers and Jules Novakovich, who were part of the Lady Trappers’ squad during the fall season.

“I’m also excited to play with people who’ve been my competition for years,” she said.

Prosceno will be playing for a new coach, as NWC women’s coach Bobby Peters recently resigned. The Lady Trappers went 0-12-1 in his one season with the team.

“They’ve had some tough seasons,” Prosceno said. “Hopefully we can be the team to turn it around next year.”

With her college decision made, Prosceno now shifts her focus to the rest of her senior year. In addition to winning a third state soccer title, she hopes to be one of the top scorers for the Fillies this season.

“I’m a little sad it’s almost over but life goes on,” she said. “Going to Northwest gives me a boost of confidence for my senior year and with how well we’ve been doing hopefully we’ll make it three titles in a row.”