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Sociology Program


Dave Erickson

Associate Professor of Sociology/Chairperson of Social Science and Education Division
Location: Frisby Building
Office: FRS115
Phone: 307.754.6130

B.S. - Criminal Justice Studies
          University of North Dakota

M.A - Sociology
         University of North Dakota

Mr. Erickson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of North Dakota in 1990.  He then went on to complete his Master of Arts degree in Sociology from UND in 1993. 

Mr. Erickson began teaching at Northwest College in 1994.  Northwest College appealed to him because of the small class sizes and low student to teacher ratio.  In addition, Mr. Erickson cites Powell's proximity to the mountains and abundant opportunities for hunting and fishing as added personal benefits to teaching at Northwest College.