Physics Program

Why Study Physics

  • Do you know what you are made of? Cells. And what's a cell made of? Atoms. And an atom? Well, electrons, protons, neutrons... And an electron? What is it "made of"? These are physics questions.
  • Physics is the study of the history of the universe and the nature of time.
  • Advances in physics (in tandem with a lot of work from engineers) have led to the modern computer, exploration of our solar system, an understanding of the northern lights, and nuclear energy.
  • We study physics so that we can understand the world we live in and so we can play a part in tomorrow's technologies.

Why Study Physics at Northwest

  • At Northwest, we have the faculty and lab resources to give you a solid physics foundation.
  • Northwest as a two-year college specializes in building strong foundations; hence beginning physics at Northwest is a natural choice. We can help you build the foundations of math and physics at the college level and give you an opportunity to investigate not only physics but also adjacent fields such as math or the largest of the math/science employment fields, engineering.
  • You won't be left wondering about those questions anymore: You'll have the answers.


Deepthi Amarasuriya
Assistant Professor of Physics