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raftingThink of the best spots you know for outdoor adventure—Moab, Boulder, Durango, others:

  • Some are good for certain activities, but not all (climbing but no skiing, for example)
  • With most, you have to travel too many hours to get to the good places
  • All of them have way too many people, too many lines

Now consider NWC's outdoor offerings:

  • NWC is a short drive away (only 10 minutes in some cases) from world-class activities:
    • Alpine Climbing, Skiing, Kayaking, Caving
    • Ice climbing, Bicycle touring, Hiking
    • Whitewater rafting, Spelunking, Rock climbing
  • When it comes to meeting other people, you're more likely to run into a bighorn sheep than another human. Go into the Beartooth mountains and you'll feel like you're on an epic adventure (akin to being lost in the Himilayas). There's not even a guide book because so few people hike there. You'll love it.

Greater Yellowstone Valley

You'll find it all in the Greater Yellowstone Valley — open slick rock trails for mountain biking, class 4 whitewater going through town, the best ice climbing outside of Alaska. Take your pick of mountain ranges to explore and learn to survive in.


Keith McCallister
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education; Director of the DELTA Program