From Our Students

I would like to thank each and every one of the nursing faculty who helped me during my time at NWC.  I am so thankful for the constant support I received.  I feel the education you provide prepares nurses to be excellent nurses.  I feel you all gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get started.  I am loving my post-Northwest life.  I work for an amazing hospital, I am learning new things everyday and I am proud to tell everyone I graduated from NWC.  I will never be able to express my gratitude towards you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to teach me!  You are all so amazing!  -Kim Suter, 2012 Graduate

The NWC Nursing Program is amazing!!  The instructors are extremely helpful, and you come out of the program feeling prepared to be a great nurse! -Christina Marcus, 2017 Graduate

Deciding to return to college and taking on the NWC - RN programs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! -Rhonda Cordes, 2017 Graduate

Encouraging instructors, great clinical experience, and meeting new cohorts along the way made my experience with Northwest College’s nursing program one of the best of my life. -Shawna Jensen, 2016 Graduate

NWC nursing faculty are dedicated on a person level. They show an abundance of compassion through a challenging program, to make sure each student is successful!  Their voice will continue to be my guidance in a lifetime of nursing.  One year post graduation, I’m on an assignment in Hawaii as a Travel Nurse with my family! -Amber Espinoza, 2016 Advanced Placement Graduate

NWC Nursing Department prepared me to hit the ground running when I entered the nursing field.  They gave me the support, guidance, and sometimes the gentle push I needed to begin this journey with confidence. -Shawn Hurt, 2017 Graduate

The nursing program at Northwest College was wonderful!  The instructors treated me like family and prepared me well for the NCLEX. -Kaeli Campbell, 2017 Graduate

As a non-traditional student, the staff at the Northwest College Nursing Program helped to make my transition from LPN to RN simple and hassle free. They really cared about my situation, when I had two small family emergencies, they worked with me so that I didn’t fall behind. -Johnny Hurt, 2017 Advanced Placement Graduate

I attended Northwest College’s nursing program twice. The first time I went through their LPN program finishing in December 2011 and passed my LPN boards on the first try one month later in January 2012. The second time I went through their advance placement LPN to RN program finishing in May 2017 and I passed my RN boards on the first try one month later in June 2017. The nursing programs at Northwest College not only prepare you to be able to pass the nursing boards, but they aim to produce nurses with the necessary skills to be among the elite in the nursing community. The nursing programs are designed to challenge you and sharpen your critical thinking skills to where you can perform in high intensity situations where time is of the essence. I was able to use my knowledge gained through the nursing programs at Northwest College to excel in the nursing field landing me in my current job as the Infection Control RN at North Bighorn hospital. The nursing programs at Northwest College are exceptional and I would recommend either the LPN or RN program to anyone who has a passion to care for others. I can guarantee you will not get a better skill set from anywhere else!  -Janel Thatch, RN, Infection Control & Prevention, Employee Health, and Wound Care

I am so glad I decided to go to NWC for my Nursing degree.  The small class size and teacher availability really helped prepare me for my career as a registered nurse. -Chelsea Vandenboom, 2017 Graduate