Nursing and Allied Health

Nursing - Associate Degree in Nursing

Course Requirements

All Nursing courses are sequential and must be taken with the corresponding co-requisite Nursing course(s) in each semester. Students must successfully complete all Nursing and General Education  courses with a "C" which is 74% or higher within each semester in order to progress to the next semester. Required General Education courses can be completed earlier, but no later than the semester listed in the Course Semester Sequence.

All general education courses (including pre-requisite courses) required for a nursing degree from NWC can only be taken a maximum of three (3) times to obtain a "C" which is  74% or higher. After three (3) attempts, students are no longer eligible for admission, continuation or readmission to the program.

Student can only take a core nursing course a maximum of two (2) times to obtain a "C" which is 74% or higher. After two attempts, students are no longer eligible for continuation in the NWC nursing program or for semester.

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