Music Department

Guitar Studies

Guitar_Ensemble_006_for_webAt Northwest College, we are committed to providing our music students with the best first-two-years of college to be found anywhere. Our mission is to prepare our students to transfer to, and thrive at any music school in the country.

The guitar faculty at NWC are graduates of Berklee College of Music, the Musicians Institute, the University of Southern California, and the University of Northern Colorado. Whether you plan to transfer to a four-year college or begin your professional career after graduation, we know how to prepare you for success.

Guitar study at NWC will help you assemble the skills necessary for a variety of professional experiences by focusing on both traditional and contemporary aspects of music training. Students in the program will build a strong foundation in technique, scales, chords, reading, improvisation, interpretation, and standard repertoire. They will be exposed to many types of ensemble playing as members of a guitar ensemble, jazz band, vocal jazz, and other traditional and contemporary ensembles. There are also opportunities to incorporate classes from our music technology department into your experience here.

No matter what your musical goals might be, NWC is the right place to begin.